What are you doing with your boxes of photos?

We call it the "box problem." You have shoeboxes filled with important pictures, newspaper clippings, memorabilia, you name it. These days, you probably have a virtual shoebox filled with digital photographs, too.

But here's the problem. All that wonderful family history and all those treasured memories are in a box, closet, or computer, just gathering dust. No one is looking at them except, occasionally, you. And your incredible family story - past and present - is untold.

We turn your shoeboxes of "stuff" into a beautiful, meaningful, coffee table-quality book.

Your stories and your memories will be preserved in a format that's beautiful, easy to share, and will be treasured for generations.

Do you need a meaningful gift to celebrate a family milestone?

Sometimes life calls for extra celebration. When your family member reaches a big milestone - a significant birthday, anniversary, retirement, wedding, graduation, religious ceremony, or holiday - you want to give them something extra special to mark the occasion.

We will come up with the perfect book to honor that amazing person in your family.

We'll suggest ways to include members of the family to make the book a group gift, and can even recommend a book style that can be made quickly if you're running short on time (yes, we know it happens.) And as with all our books, we can make extra copies for family members who want one.

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